Thread Gauges

standard and non-standard thread gauges

We supply standard thread gauges, to the following standards and fits, from stock. We also supply non standard thread gauges.

METRIC THREADS (BS 3643, BS 919 Part 3)
Thread Plug gauges Class 6H. Thread Ring gauges Class 6g.

UNF, UNC, UNEF (BS 1580, BS 919 Part 1)

Thread Plug gauges Class 2B. Thread Ring & Caliper gauges Class 2A.

BSW, BSF, WHITWORTH (BS 84, BS 919 Part 2)
Thread Plug gauges Medium/General. Thread Ring & Caliper gauges up to 3/4"
Medium U/P. Thread Ring & Caliper gauges over 3/4" Medium/General.

BSP(G) (BS 2779, BS 919 Part 2)
Thread Plug gauges Class A (medium fit).

Thread Ring & Caliper gauges Class
A or Class B (free fit). Unless otherwise stated Class A will be supplied.

BA (BS 93, BS 919 Part 2)
Thread Plug gauges Normal. Thread Ring & Caliper gauges Normal U/P.

BSPT (R/Rc) BS 21
Thread Plug & Ring gauges System B. Min/

Max steps.

Thread Plug & Ring gauges L1 Step Limit, min/max.

Thread plug gauges are described by their style. Standard double-ended Go/NoGo thread plug gauge is Style ‘E’. Other styles are:

Style ‘A’ Double ended setting plug for caliper gauges.
Style ‘D’
Single ended effective NoGo plug gauge.
Style ‘F’
Go thread plug gauge and NoGo pl

ain core plug gauge.
Style ‘G’
Go thread plug gauge and Go plain core plug gauge.
Style ‘H’
NoGo thread plug gauge and NoGo plain core gauge.

Thread ring gauges are Go or No Go. No Go gauges are denoted by a groove
around the knurled diameter, or a red spot on the face.

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We also offer thread gauge calibration service

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